Disclosure Informations

No.DateTimeDisclosure TitleDisclosure TypeDisclosure ReasonDisclosed ByHits
7629-05-202022:33:46 Minutes The Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting for the year 2019Timely DisclosureMinutes of Shareholders' meetingLao AgroTech Public Company 135
7729-05-202022:14:32 Financial Statements For The Year Eened 31 December 2019Periodical DisclosureAnnual ReportLao AgroTech Public Company 133
7829-05-202020:09:22 the Financial Statements for the 1st Quarter of the year 2020 ( 01 January 2020 to 31 March 2020 )Periodical DisclosureQuarterly ReportVientiane Center Lao Public Company 186
7929-05-202020:08:59 Resolution 2nd Regular Meeting of VCL’s BOD for the year 2020Timely DisclosureResolution of BOD's meetingVientiane Center Lao Public Company 89
8029-05-202019:57:56 the Annual Financial Statements for the year 2019Periodical DisclosureAnnual ReportVientiane Center Lao Public Company 179

Listed Companies

No.LogoIssue CodeListed CompanyBusiness Type
11LA3000110004Lao Asean Leasing Public CompanyLeasing

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