Disclosure Informations

No.DateTimeDisclosure TitleDisclosure TypeDisclosure ReasonDisclosed ByHits
7123-04-202112:14:38 Notification for Temporarily Closing ServicesVoluntary DisclosureOthersVientiane Center Lao Public Company 39
7222-04-202117:37:08 Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the Year 2020 EDL-Generation Public CompanyTimely DisclosureShareholder’s MeetingEDL-Generation Public Company 568
7321-04-202116:42:10 Invitation to the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting for the Year 2020Timely DisclosureInvitation to shareholders' meetingBanque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public 361
7421-04-202116:38:04 Resolution of BCEL's Board of Directors on Approval of the audit review result Financial Statements of the year 2020Timely DisclosureResolution of BOD's meetingBanque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public 218
7516-04-202118:41:00 invite to attend the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting for the year 2020 on April 30, 2021Timely DisclosureInvitation to shareholders' meetingVientiane Center Lao Public Company 145

Listed Companies

No.LogoIssue CodeListed CompanyBusiness Type
11LA3000110004NCD Lao Asean Leasing Public CompanyLeasing
NCD = Non-Compliance of Disclosure (2020 Annual Periodical Disclosure)

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