Disclosure Informations

No.DateTimeDisclosure TitleDisclosure TypeDisclosure ReasonDisclosed ByHits
5628-04-202311:28:00 Successful Holding The AGM for the year 2022 of Lao World Public CompanyTimely DisclosureShareholder’s MeetingLao World Public Company 59
5728-04-202311:26:13 Notification of the Important Resolution Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting for the year 2022 on 27 April 2023Timely DisclosureResolution of Annual General Shareholders' meetingLao World Public Company 99
5828-04-202310:49:38 CONSOLIDATES AND SEPARATE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 31 DECEMBER 2022.Periodical DisclosureAnnual ReportEDL-Generation Public Company 245
5927-04-202319:50:27 Notification of the Resolution of the Annual General Shareholder's Meeting for the year 2022Timely DisclosureResolution of Annual General Shareholders' meetingPhousy Construction and Development Public Company 91
6027-04-202317:15:42 Resolutions Annual General Meeting of BCEL’s Shareholders for the year 2022 Date 27 April 2023Timely DisclosureResolution of Annual General Shareholders' meetingBanque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public 139

Listed Companies

No.LogoIssue CodeListed CompanyBusiness Type
1LA3000010006 Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao PublicCommercial Bank
2LA3000020005 EDL-Generation Public CompanyElectric Energy
3LA3000030004 Lao World Public CompanyInvestment and Trade
4LA3000040003NCD Petroleum Trading Lao Public CompanyPetroleum Trading
5LA3000050002 Souvanny Home Center Public CompanyCommercial
6LA3000060001 Phousy Construction and Development Public CompanyConstruction and Real Estate Development
7LA3000070000H Lao Cement Public CompanyManufacture
8LA3000080009 Mahathuen Leasing Public CompanyLeasing
9LA3000090008 Lao AgroTech Public Company Agriculture
10LA1001023C84 Ministry of FinanceGovernment
H = Trading Halt
NCD = Non-Compliance of Disclosure

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