Disclosure Information Detail

Issue Code:LA3000040003
Disclosure Organization:Petroleum Trading Lao Public Company
Disclosure Date:14-03-2020
Disclosure Time:12:44:07
Disclosure Title:Notification of the Important Resolution of Board of Director’s meeting No.1/2020
Disclosure Type:Timely Disclosure
Disclosure Reason:Resolution of BOD's meeting
Market Classification:Listed Company
Disclosure Detail:

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Other reference:
  • Pursuant to the Regulation in relation to reporting and Disclosure of information No.007/LSCO, dated 3/4/2014;
  • Pursuant to the Regulation of Lao Securities Exchange regarding the disclosure No.22/LSX, dated 7/1/2011.

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PTL BOD Reso No. 1_2020 Lao.pdf
PTL BOD Reso No. 1_2020 Eng.pdf