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Issue Code:LA3000080009
Disclosure Organization:Mahathuen Leasing Public Company
Disclosure Date:20-12-2019
Disclosure Time:13:48:37
Disclosure Title:Announcement the Criteria for Minority Rights for Nominees to be considered as Company Directors.
Disclosure Type:Periodical Disclosure
Disclosure Reason:Others
Market Classification:Listed Company
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Mahathuen Leasing Public Company (the “company”) would like to announce the Criteria for Minority Rights for Nominees to be considered as Company Directors Year.  The details are following.

  1. Objective

Mahathuen Leasing Public Company (MHTL) wants the minority shareholders to nominate a person as a director, which we present our intent the practice to balance the rights of all shareholders, and show the nomination process has clearly and transparent procedures. Specified rules for the minority shareholders to nominate persons to be considered as directors in the general meeting of shareholders for the year 2019, which will help to select qualified person to be the Director positions, whom can perform duties efficiently for the best benefits of the company and all stakeholder.


  1. Qualifications of shareholders who will have the right to nominate a person to be considered as directors.
    1. Being a shareholder of the company, which may be the only one shareholder or many people combined.
    2. Minimum shareholding ratio of not less than 5% of the total voting rights of the company.


  1. Nomination of Directors
    1. Qualifications and prohibitions of directors. The nominated persons must be qualified as follows:
      1. A person, who having correct qualifications and not being under any of the prohibitions under the Enterprise Law No. 46/NA, dated 26 December 2013 and the Agreement of Board of Director No.10/NA, date 26 April 2019 and related Law
      2. A person, who have knowledge, ability, independence to perform duties with care and prudence, being honest, being able to devote time fully with appropriate age, have a healthy body that is strong and complete mind able to attend board meetings regularly, as well Participate in meetings can comment on work, and have good ethics Including being accepted by society.
      3. A person, who have knowledge and capabilities that are important to the company's business, which is the one of the Leasing business, Finance and Banking, Accounting and Audit, Marketing, Intelligent Technology and Innovation, Operation and Legal.
    2. Shareholders who have complete qualifications under Article 2 of this regulation, can nominate a person to be considered directors by prepare the letter to inform the company regarding nominated a director together with completed relevant documents and evidence and ask the nominated person to prepare his/her Curriculum Vitae together with relevant documents then propose to the company within 21 January 2020 at the following address,

Company secretary

Mahathuen Leasing Public Company

  1. , Ban Phonphanao, Village Km 5, Kaysonephomvihan Road,

Saysettha District, Vientiane capital, Lao P.D.R.


email address: hr@mahathuen.com

  1. The company, by the Nomination Committee, will consider the list of persons proposed by shareholders, whom have the complete and accuracy of relevant documents and evidences. The Nomination committee is the moderator Selected according to the company's director nomination process then propose to the Board of Directors. The company will inform the result of the consideration after the Board of Directors meeting within 31 March 2020.


Please be informed accordingly for reporting purpose.


                                                                                  Sincerely Yours,

                                                           Director of Board of Director/Executive Director


                                                                              Manop TRIRITHVILAI

Other reference:
  • Pursuant to the Decision of the Securities and Exchange Commission re: Reporting and Disclosure Regulation No. 007/LSC dated on April 3, 2014;
  • Pursuant to the Disclosure Regulation of the Lao Securities No. 22/LSX dated on January 7, 2011.

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