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Issue Code:LA3000050002
Disclosure Organization:Souvanny Home Center Public Company
Disclosure Date:25-11-2019
Disclosure Time:17:03:45
Disclosure Title:Meeting “Regulations Disseminate on regarding capital markets”
Disclosure Type:Voluntary Disclosure
Disclosure Reason:Others
Market Classification:Listed Company
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On the 19th November 2019, the dissemination meeting of regulations related to capital markets was held at 8:00AM – 11:30 AM At the meeting room of Souvanny Home Center Public Company Head office, 4th floor which were attended by Lao Securities Commission leading by Mr. Siosavath THIRAKUL Deputy Secretary General of Lao Securities Commission, Mr. Phouhay LOUNGMOUNNINTHONE Deputy Chief of Legal Affairs Division, Mr. Khampheng KEOPUNYA Officer Legal Division and another relevant department and Souvanny Home Center Public Company  leading by Mrs. Paphatsone SOUKHABANDITH Vice Chairwoman of Board, Mr. Waddana SOUKHABANDITH Member of Board and CEO, Mr.  Bounterm KOMMITTAPHAP Member of Board, Mr. Phannola SOUKHABANDITH CFO, Mrs. Viengdala BOUPHA Member of Board, Mr. Khamphone PHILAPHANH Member of Board and BOD’s secretary.

The purpose of the meeting is to disseminate the regulations regarding capital markets that has adapted and share ideas together on the following 3 topics:

1. Suggestion of management of listed companies in the Lao Securities Exchange.

2. Decision on the Board of Directors of a listed company.

By  presentation of Mr. Phouhay LOUNGMOUNNINTHONE Deputy Chief of Legal Affairs Division.

3. Report and Disclosure Regulations.

By presentation of Mr. Khampheng KEOPUNYA Officer Legal Division.

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