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Issue Code:LA3000090008
Disclosure Organization:Lao AgroTech Public Company
Disclosure Date:08-11-2019
Disclosure Time:16:55:03
Disclosure Title:Resolutions 6th Ordinary Meeting of LAT’s Board of Directors for the year 2019
Disclosure Type:Timely Disclosure
Disclosure Reason:Resolution of BOD's meeting
Market Classification:Listed Company
Disclosure Detail:

The 6th Ordinary Meeting of the Board of Directors of Lao Agrotech Public Company for the year 2019 was held at 13:00 on 07 November 2019. The Meeting discussed and resolved on the significant matters as follows:

  1. The Meeting approved the report 5th Ordinary Meeting of  Board of Directors for the year 2019;
  2. The Meeting approved the business operating result of the company for 2019, the financial statements of the Company for the 3rd Quarter of the year 2019.
Other reference:
  • Pursuant to the Regulation re: Reporting and Disclosure of Information No. 004/LSCO dated 28/1/2019;
  • Pursuant to the Disclosure Regulation of the Lao Securities Exchange No. 330/LSX dated 27/9/2018;

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