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Issue Code:LA3000020005
Disclosure Organization:EDL-Generation Public Company
Disclosure Date:09-10-2019
Disclosure Time:10:03:28
Disclosure Title:The road development of Communities around Namkhan 2-3 HPPs
Disclosure Type:Voluntary Disclosure
Disclosure Reason:Others
Market Classification:Listed Company
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Adjacently to electrical generating of Lao PDR, as EDL-Generation Public Company or EDL-Gen, developing basis for civilization of HPP’s surrounding is main purpose for enlarging, especially daily living of citizen who is living nearby EDL-Gen’s HPP.

Namkhan 2-3 HPPs are held by EDL-Gen, currently a work to upgrade and repairmen for the roads to Namkhan 2 Hydropower Plant or HPP started at Route 2 road from Kaengkoung port of Phouxang village, Xieng Nguen district, Luang Prabang province to Namkhan 2 HPP, was completed in clearing and repairing for initial step (about three kilometers length). This section is six kilometers length.

The work to repair and pave asphalt for roads to Namkhan 2-3 HPP began in early July 2019. The project owner, EDL-Generation Public Company assigned the contractor, Douangchalern Development Construction Group Co., Ltd, who won the concession to take responsible for the construction. The construction for two years in period was monitored by Namkhan 2-3 HPPs, which are under controlled of Generating Department, EDL-Gen.

The road upgrade for Namkhan 2 HPP is 17 kilometers length, six meters wide in average, pave asphalt for two packs, including draining system in both sides of the roads. The project construction consists of four sections.

First section starts from Route 13 North, Pakvaeth village through Samakyxay resettlement village to the office of Namkhan 3 HPP. The length is 1.4 kilometers.  

Second section starts from Kengkoung port to office of Namkhan 2 HPP. The length is 6 kilometers.  

Third section starts from the office of Namkhan 2 HPP through Namkhan Bridge of Nongdee village to powerhouse of Namkhan 2 HPP. The length is 1.5 kilometers.  

Fourth section starts from Nongdee village through Namkhan 2’s dam to Phouxang resettlement village.  The length is 8.2 kilometers.

The upgrading project is to solve traffic condition of Namkhan 2-3 HPPs for more comfortable and safe. Therefore, the purpose is to improve living condition of surrounding citizen. This is showing how company cares about daily living in this local civilization.

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