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Issue Code:LA3000030004
Disclosure Organization:Lao World Public Company
Disclosure Date:19-07-2019
Disclosure Time:15:45:05
Disclosure Title:Notification of Important Resolutions of Board of Director Meeting on 18 July 2019
Disclosure Type:Timely Disclosure
Disclosure Reason:Resolution of BOD's meeting
Market Classification:Listed Company
Disclosure Detail:

Lao World Public Company (“the Company”) would like to notify important resolutions of Board of Director (“BOD”) Meeting in the following.


Considered and approved to borrow loan from banks registered in Lao PDR in order to implement 2 projects in the annual work plan for 2019 which was approved by the Annual General Shareholder’s Meeting of Lao World Public Company for the year 2018 held on 29 April 2019. The first project is to build a bus terminal which includes bus terminal building, office, staff dormitory, garage and commercial building for the total investment of 2,463,252 USD. The second project is to build a cultural zone and city duty free shop, in which the project location is located in the whole 5th floor of Itecc Shopping Mall with the total investment of 2,256,992 USD.


Please be informed accordingly for reporting purpose.

                                                                                       Sincerely Yours,

                                                                                       Chairman of the meeting

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