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Issue Code:LA3000010006
Disclosure Organization:Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public
Disclosure Date:19-02-2019
Disclosure Time:16:13:36
Disclosure Title:New channel to pay Land Tax via Banking System
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Since the official launch of the Land Tax Payment via banking system at the end of last year when a contract was signed between the Tax Department, Ministry of Finance (MOF) and Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public (BCEL) along with the 6 agent banks on 17th December 2018 at Lao Plaza Hotel, the service has received the positive feedback from the society. Now, Lao people in all provinces can pay for their land taxes via banking system including BCEL i-Bank, BCEL One and at the BCEL’s counters in overall the country and the counters of the agent banks or the service agents for land tax payment.

Initially the agent banks are Lao Development Bank, Agricultural Promotion Bank, Lao-Viet Bank, Lao-China Bank, Joint Development Bank and BIC Bank Lao Co., LTD. The project will continue to extend the service to other banks which the update will be announced to the public periodically.

  • The payment for land tax can be done via 3 channels with convenience and ease including:
  1. Pay via BCEL i-Bank, BCEL One, the Mobile Banking Application of BCEL  and the mobile banking applications of the agent banks.
    - Log in to the account
    - Click on the icon Bill Payment (For BCEL i-Bank)
    - Select the option for Land Tax Payment then follow the payment instruction.
    - Bring the QR code received after completing the payment to the service counter of BCEL or the agent banks or the Kiosk Machine to print out the receipt.  
  2. Pay at the service counter of BCEL or the agent banks.
    - The payment can be paid by cash or via account debit.

  3. Pay at the service agent
    - The payment will be in cash.
  • The documents should be brought to the service counter for processing payment at the bank or the service agent are as follows:
  1. Land Title Certificate and the last year payment receipt or
  2. Land Using Certificate and the last year payment receipt; or
  3. The document that helps follow the payment of land tax (for the case of not having  the Land Title Certificate or the Land Using Certificate); or
  4. The certified documents from National Resource and Environment Section or other related authority and the last year payment receipt.

Any one of the documents specified above can be used to present to the bank officer when proceed the land tax payment. The document can be either original or copy. After the payment is completed, the receipt will be printed out for the land owner to keep.

For the case that the payment is done by the tax payers via i-Bank, BCEL One of BCEL or Mobile Banking of the agent banks, the receipt can be printed out at the bank’s service counter or at the Kiosk machine by scanning the QR Code received after completing the payment.

This new channel for the Land Tax Payment via Banking System marks another vital cooperation between the Tax Department, Ministry of Finance and BCEL along with the agent banks to collect the Land Tax in overall the country. This channel will provide convenience to the local citizens and to the government with more effective collection of taxes for the state budget in a timely, accurate, transparent and checkable way.

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