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Issue Code:LA3000020005
Disclosure Organization:EDL-Generation Public Company
Disclosure Date:14-11-2017
Disclosure Time:17:42:02
Disclosure Title:3rd quarter financial information (Unaudited) 30 September 2017
Disclosure Type:Periodical Disclosure
Disclosure Reason:Quarterly Report
Market Classification:Listed Company
Disclosure Detail:
  1.  The EDL-Generation Public Company
  2. The Core Business Operation
  3.  Organization

      3.1   Organization Chart

      4.     Committee

      4.1   Committees of Board of Directors

      1.    Audit Committee (AC)

      2.    Risk Committee

      3.    Reimbursement Committee

      4.    Nomination Committee

      5.    Audit of Related Party Transaction Committee (ARPTC)

      4.2   Managing Director

      1.  The Committee on Negotiation of Concession Agreement, Shareholder Agreement, and Power Purchasing Agreement (CASAPPAC)

       2.   Procurement and Equipment’s Supply Committee (PESC)

       3.    Honor Policy and Discipline Committee (HPDC)

       5.    Business Operation and Productivity

       5.1   Generation

       5.2   Revenue

       5.3   Expenses

       5.4   Net Profits           

       5.5   Taxes

           The Third Quarter Financial Report September 30, 2017

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