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Issue Code:LA3000040003
Disclosure Organization:Petroleum Trading Lao Public Company
Disclosure Date:23-05-2017
Disclosure Time:15:31:16
Disclosure Title:Interlim Financial Statements 1st Quarter as of 31 March 2017
Disclosure Type:Periodical Disclosure
Disclosure Reason:Quarterly Report
Market Classification:Listed Company
Disclosure Detail:



General information                                                                                                                 1 - 2

Report of management                                                                                                                3

Interim balance sheet                                                                                                                   4

Interim income statement                                                                                                              5

Interim statement of changes in equity                                                                                          6

Interim statement of cash flows                                                                                                    7

Notes to the interim financial statements                                                                                  8- 28


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PTL Interim Financial Statement as of 31 March 2017 Eng.pdf