Disclosure Information Detail

Issue Code:LA3000030004
Disclosure Organization:Lao World Public Company
Disclosure Date:13-03-2017
Disclosure Time:10:37:27
Disclosure Title:About the high fluctuation of share price and news about business’s transfer of the company
Disclosure Type:Inquired Disclosure
Disclosure Reason:Others
Market Classification:Listed Company
Disclosure Detail:

Lao World Public Company's pleased to inform you related to the high fluctuation of share price in the market and other related matters as following; 


1. The Company’s share trading at LSX during 1-6 Mar 2017 which has a lot of investors made a trading their shares and it effected to the high fluctuation of share price in the market, the Company’s pleased to declare that those investors are not related to the Company.


2. For the hot news about business’s transfer or changing major shareholders, we would please to inform that during the last one or two year, there were some investors interested in our Company However, but there was no transfer the whole business to other investors. Changing in major shareholders, it need to be approved by the Shareholders’ meeting. Currently, there was nothing happened related to this matter. If there is something change, the Company need to get the approval from the shareholders’ meeting before declaration to the relevant parties and suddenly disclose to the public in accordance with the related regulation.


Please be informed accordingly for reporting purpose and if there is something need to be declared, we’re pleased to provide you the cooperation


                Sincerely yours,


         Mr. Visanh NALONGSAK



Other reference:
  • Pursuant to the Decision of Lao Securities Commission Office to the Regulation on Reporting and Disclosure No.007/LSCO dated 3 April 2014.
  • Pursuant to the Disclosure Regulation of Lao Securities Exchange No.22/LSX dated 7 January 2011.
  • Pursuant to the letter from Lao Securities Exchange No. 070/LSX, dated 09/03/2017. 

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