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Disclosure Information Detail

Issue Code:LA3000040003
Disclosure Organization:Petroleum Trading Lao Public Company
Disclosure Date:21-12-2023
Disclosure Time:14:27:33
Disclosure Title:Specific Interim Financial Statements of Jul-Aug-Sep 2023
Disclosure Type:Periodical Disclosure
Disclosure Reason:Quarterly Report
Market Classification:Listed Company
Remark:The company has released this additional 3rd quarter financial statement to show the business performance for only 3 months in order to comply with the relevant regulations of the regulator, which content does not affect to the 3rd quarter financial statement which released on November 17, 2023. Please download the attached document.

Attached File(s)

PTL FS CONSO 7-8-9_2023 OF 2023 LAO.pdf
PTL FS CONSO 7-8-9_2023 OF 2023 ENG.pdf
PTL FS SEPERATE 7-8-9_2023 OF 2023 LAO.pdf
PTL FS SEPERATE 7-8-9_2023 OF 2023 ENG.pdf

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